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Snow Removal Services in Munster

Living in Munster, IN — just a few miles from Lake Michigan — has its advantages. But one thing that’s not always an advantage is the heavy snows that residents often encounter in Munster. Snow removal services are critical for keeping Munster homes free of snow so their occupants can move freely into the town and back even after a heavy snowfall and so those homes don’t become overburdened by the weight of all that snow.

For Munster snow services, including snow hauling, snow blowing and snow plowing in Munster, IN, those who know snow removal know to call Ricci Landscape Management.

Residential Snow Removal Services in Lake County

RLM’s complete range of snow removal services in Munster and throughout the Lake County area include:

Snow Plowing

We’ve all experienced this problem. You get up in the morning for work and walk out of your house only to see everything covered in a huge blanket of snow. The path from your driveway to the street, from your walkway to the street, maybe even the street itself, is totally blocked. If you left your car out, it’s covered in snow. There’s nothing to do but get the shovel and get to work. That is, unless you have Ricci Landscape Mgmt. on your side.

Call us as soon as that snow starts to fall and we can get our snowplow into action so your path is cleared by the time you need to leave. You’ll be able to get where you need to go right away without worrying about snow clogging up the works. Instead of struggling and sweating trying to clear a path by yourself, why not call us and let us take care of it for you fast?

Snow Hauling

Have you been plagued by neighbors complaining about all the snow that’s piling up around your home? Have you been asking everyone, “Where can I find quality snow hauling near me?” If so, let us take care of it. With our equipment and skilled personnel, it’s no problem for us to get all that snow off your lawn and other areas around your home quickly and easily.

Snow Blowing

Have you been wondering where to find quality snow blowing in Munster? RLM is the company for you. We can provide snow blowing service in Munster along with or independent of our snow plowing services. For that extra snow that’s accumulating in hard-to-get-rid-of areas, let us come in and blow it away to leave you virtually snow-free.

Sidewalk Shoveling

Even after our snow plowing, you may need sidewalk shoveling for a Munster, IN, home — especially one on a heavily used street. You don’t want family members or neighbors to be inconvenienced or even injured as a result of snow in front of your apartment. When you call us for snowplowing services, talk to us about sidewalk shoveling solutions as well.

Sidewalk Salting and Deicing

If you are a homeowner, a quality sidewalk salting service in Munster, IN, is a must. An icy sidewalk in front of your home is a disaster waiting to happen. You or a member of your family could slip and fall, resulting in a serious and painful injury. A neighbor or other passerby could slip and fall and hold you liable, which could prove extremely costly for you.

Do your best to avoid this all by contacting RLM, Inc. for salting and de-icing services. Our techniques will quickly break that ice down to dramatically reduce the likelihood of an accident on your sidewalk.

Munster, Indiana’s Snow Removal Company

We’ve earned many satisfied customers in Munster and surrounding areas in Lake County with our highly-regarded, top-of-the-line landscaping services. We pay the same attention and care to our snow removal services. We’ll do everything possible to make sure you’re satisfied. To request a quote on our various snow removal services for your Munster home, just fill out our simple contact form today.

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