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Commercial Irrigation Services

The Top Commercial Irrigation Contractor in Northwest Indiana

Ricci’s Landscape Management, Inc. is a commercial landscaping and irrigation contractor that is licensed and insured to design, install, maintain and test irrigation systems in Lake and Porter counties of Indiana, including towns such as Valparaiso, Crown Point, Munster and Chesterton. We know from experience that a well designed and properly installed sprinkler system will keep your property’s lawn and landscape looking its best all season long.

Having an irrigation system installed and maintained by RLM, Inc., the top landscaping company in Northwest Indiana, is the best way to guarantee the investment you have made in your property’s landscape is protected.


Our certified technician will properly install and maintain your sprinkler system to ensure it continues to function and water efficiently by performing:

  • Irrigation System Startup- (scheduled in April or May)
    • Water and system controller will be turned on and programmed
    • All zones, irrigation lines, and heads will be checked for leaks and repaired, if necessary
    • Sprinkler heads will be adjusted to ensure designated areas in the lawn and landscape will be watered efficiently.
  • Backflow Testing: (done in conjunction with the Startup)
    • Our certified and licensed technician will test all irrigation backflow prevention units and send the test results off to your city’s water department for you. RLM, Inc., an experienced backflow testing company in Northwest Indiana, is well-equipped to ensure your irrigation system backflow units are working properly and are in compliance with state laws in place to keep pollutants out of your city’s drinking water.
    • To learn more about cross connection and Indiana’s state law requirements for backflow prevention and testing please visit: http://www.amwater.com/paaw/customer-service/crossconnection.html
  • Mid-Season Check- (Scheduled in Mid-July to August)
    • All irrigation system heads will be checked, adjusted, repaired, or replaced
    • System will be tested for leaks
    • Controller and Rain Sensors will be tested and re-programmed, if necessary.
  • Winterization – (Scheduled through October)
    • Water connection supply to the irrigation will be turned off and lines will be blown out until they are clear of chemicals and moisture before the first frost to prevent freezing and damage to irrigation lines.

As  your commercial property’s sprinkler runs throughout the season, it is important to schedule routine maintenance to ensure your property’s lawn and landscapes are receiving the right amount of water, every time it runs.

RLM, Inc., a top commercial irrigation service and irrigation system repair company in St. John and Northwest Indiana, is proud to offer commercial businesses with comprehensive irrigation system maintenance programs and reliable, professional service you can count on.

Contact Ricci’s Landscape to learn more about how we can help with all your property’s outdoor maintenance needs with just one call.

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