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Mosquito and Pest Control in Valparaiso, Indiana

Pest Control In Northwestern Indiana

The purpose of your home’s lawn and landscape is not only to improve the curb appeal of your house, but also for you and your family to enjoy it. However, many families are not able to enjoy their lawns for one big reason — outdoor bugs.

The Problem With Outdoor Bugs

Bugs like bees and wasps can sting, which can be unpleasant. Gnats and flies can get in your face, which is a nuisance. But blood-sucking insects like mosquitos and ticks can spread diseases — and pretty serious ones, especially for children and the elderly. You bought your Valparaiso home so your family could enjoy it and the outdoors surrounding it. The last thing you want is for one of them to come down with an insect-transmitted illness.

What We Do

Ricci’s Landscape Management, Inc. takes care of this problem for you by sending you a licensed technician to spray our special control solution over your lawn and landscape. This solution can help eliminate 90 percent of ticks, fleas, spiders, mosquitos and other pests on contact.


Our outdoor pest treatment dries in 30 minutes, after which it’s totally safe. So, all you have to do is keep your kids and pets out of the yard for half an hour, and then they are free to run and play outside without any need for concern about our treatment affecting them.

Lasts and Lasts

Although your kids and pets are safe after a half hour, the pests that plague your lawn and landscape won’t be able to say the same. As long as the weather cooperates, our solution can keep working to control pests on your lawn for as long as three weeks. Your best bet is to sign up for our unlimited spray program. Our technician will come back to your property every three weeks to spray, so you’ll never have to worry about pests getting a foothold on your lawn again.

When You Should Treat Your Lawn

The best time to treat your lawn is from April to October, during the spring when the Valparaiso weather is temperate and pests like to lay eggs. Preventing new insects from hatching is the best way to avoid having a pest problem with your lawn.

Valparaiso, Indiana’s Landscape Company

If you live in Valparaiso, or elsewhere in Porter county, you probably like to spend time outdoors. With Valparaiso’s warm weather and 13 beautiful parks, it’s easy to find an excuse to go outside, even if that just means spending time with your family in your backyard or on your front lawn. If your outdoor areas are plagued by mosquitos, ticks or other pests, however, your experience may not be nearly as positive as it should be in the lush green spaces of Valparaiso.

RLM is proud to serve all the homeowners of Valparaiso, Indiana and throughout Porter County. For over 20 years, we have been providing quality lawn and landscape services — including safe, thorough pest control — to satisfied customers throughout Northwest Indiana. If you need help with your lawn, you need to know Ricci’s Landscape Management, Inc. Contact us today to schedule pest control or for a quote on mosquito and pest control or other lawn maintenance or landscape services.

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