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Mosquito and Pest Control in Munster, Indiana

Pest Control In Northwestern Indiana

There’s nothing better than having a beautiful lawn or a lush backyard surrounding your home. But as much as you try to care for your lawn, there’s not much you can do about mosquitos and other pests without the help of a professional. Fortunately, you have some of the best professionals in the business at your disposal with Ricci’s Landscape Management.

The Importance of Outdoor Pest Control

You may want to get rid of mosquitos, spiders, ticks, fleas and other pests just on principle. But there’s a very important reason to take control of your lawn even if you’re not all that concerned about curb appeal. Some of those bugs can transmit diseases when they bite you, and some of those diseases can be extremely serious, especially for young children or the elderly. If you don’t want to be the next victim of some virus-carrying mosquito, you need to call RLM.

How We Fix the Problem

We’ll take care of your mosquitos, ticks, spiders and so on with the perfect combination of pest-control weapons: a skilled, licensed technician, a special blend of insecticides that will kill about 90 percent of your pests and their eggs and a misting spray that gets just about everywhere in and around your lawn that those bugs might try to hide.

We Keep Your Kids and Pets Safe

If you’ve been putting off treating your lawn out of fear of endangering your kids or beloved pets, don’t worry. Just give us 30 minutes for the solution to dry, and this stuff is totally safe for your children and pets to roam the lawn to their hearts’ content. After all, that’s the whole point.

A Solution That Keeps on Going

Once we have treated your lawn, you’ll enjoy a virtually pest-free environment day after day. Week after week after week, in fact, weather permitting. If you really want to take all the worry about lawn pest infestation off your mind, sign up for our unlimited spray service and we’ll be back every 21 days just to make sure those mosquitos don’t get a chance to mount a comeback.

We’ll See You in Spring

We’ll be there whenever you want, but we like to tell our customers to spray in April through October, so insects who enjoy laying eggs in the spring will learn to stay away and lay those eggs elsewhere, meaning fewer pest problems for you down the road.

Munster, Indiana’s Landscape Company

The Town on the Ridge has some beautiful lakes to enjoy, but lakes mean mosquitos. That’s why if you live in Munster, Indiana and you have a lawn, we want to hear from you. In fact, if you live anywhere in Lake Country, we’re ready, willing and able to serve all your lawn pest-control needs. We are the company to call in Northwest Indiana when you want lawn pests gone. To get started on the road towards a pest-free outdoor environment, contact Ricci’s Landscape Management today.

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