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Mosquito and Pest Control in Chesterton, Indiana

Pest Control In Northwestern Indiana

When you bought your home, there’s a good chance your lush, green lawn — perhaps with some nice flowering plants — was a big selling point. Since then, you may have found there are some times you just can’t enjoy your lawn thanks to the unpleasant mosquitos and other pests populating it. Instead of suffering, call Ricci’s Landscape Management.

Why You Must Address Your Outdoor Bug Problem

First of all, you shouldn’t have to accommodate mosquitos and other pests on your lawn. Your landscape and lawn are part of your property, and you deserve to enjoy them. More importantly, mosquitos and ticks can carry very serious diseases, and you don’t want to put yourself or your family at risk every time you go outside.

What We Can Do About It

At RLM, we have a proven solution to this problem. We’ll send one of our licensed professionals to your home where they will proceed to spray our special blend of insecticides over all the areas of your lawn and landscape that can be welcoming to pests, including the foundation perimeter of your home. This solution will help eliminate nine out of ten mosquitos, flies, spiders or other pests menacing your property, while being safe for kids and pets. Our technician is cognizant to avoid bees, butterflies, fish or other beneficial wildlife.

Truly Safe for Kids and Pets

We wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true. All we ask is that you give our solution 30 minutes to dry before turning the kids and pets loose. After that, you can all enjoy the lawn without worrying about exposure to insecticides.

Our Treatment Doesn’t Quit

And you won’t have pests starting to come back after a few days, either. Our treatment is good for up to 21 days, depending on what the weather conditions are, so you can enjoy a virtually pest-free lawn for a good long time. And if you want that time to last indefinitely, engage our unlimited spray service, and we’ll come back every three weeks to make sure those bugs stay gone.

Call Us All Spring

The best time to request our services is in the spring and early fall, when mosquitos and other pests can really thrive and lay eggs that could plague you for a long time to come.

Chesterton, Indiana’s Landscape Company

Living in Chesterton, you no doubt take pride in being part of a historic community that has endured through three centuries. You want to take pride in your home’s landscape and lawn as well. We at Ricci’s Landscape want that, too. We’re proud to have been part of the Porter County community for over 20 years, and we’ve been able to serve homeowners all throughout Northwest Indiana with our landscape, lawn maintenance and pest-control skills. Let us show you what we can do for you. Contact Ricci’s Landscape Management today, and we’ll provide an estimate for your mosquito and pest control. Take the first step towards a pest-free lawn today!

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